August 17, 2011

Check list to leave to USA

You might be all set with your Visa right now. Its the time to make your arrangements to leave your country and enter USA. This post will give you the important check list to leave to USA.
1. All the Academic Original documents.
2. School I20 and Medical Check up reports.
3. If you have a plan to Transfer, bring your Transcripts Packets, a couple of Financial Statements and Affidavit of Supports.

August 06, 2011

F1 Visa Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very important post for those who are planning to attend the visa interview. Please make sure you will be ready with the answers for these frequently asked visa interview questions.
  • Why have you chosen to go for USA? Why not in India?
  • What are your qualifications till date? % secured and when did you complete your last qualification?
  • Why are your academics so low?
  • Which program have you enrolled for?
  • Why have you not taken the same course, available in India too?
  • How is this program going to help you?
  • What are your plans after finishing this course? What are your future plans?
  • What are your TOEFL/SAT/GRE/GMAT Scores?
  • Why is your GRE/GMAT/TOEFL so low?
  • How many universities did you apply to? Which are they?
  • How did you come to know about these Universities?
  • Why have you applied only to these Universities?
  • How many admits have you received?
  • Why have you chosen only this University for your further studies?
  • But this University seems to be not very good?
  • How can you convince me that you are not a prospective immigrant?
  • Who are your sponsors? Where did they get this money from?
  • What is their occupation and their gross annual Income?
  • Do you have to repay this money to your parents?
  • What is your Bank Balance?
  • Why is your Passbook reflecting recent transactions?
  • How many siblings do you have? Your relation with them?
  • How will they manage without you?
  • What do they do?
  • Do you have any friends or relatives in USA?
  • Have you hired any consultant for admissions and Visa processing?
  • If given an opportunity to work in USA after completing your studies, will you come back to India or settle there in USA?
If visa officer is satisfies with your answers they will collect the passport and stamp the visa and the same will be delivered to the residence of the student with in a week.

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August 04, 2011

Tution Fee of Top 15 B-Schools in US

One of the Readers has asked me post the Tution Fee Structure of Top B-Schools in US.

In addition I thought to present the required GMAT .

RANK         NAME                                             AVERAGE GMAT             TUTION
1      University of Chicago (Booth)                               715                    $99,953             
2      Harvard University                                               NA                     $112,400               
3      University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)                    NA                      $110,361             
4      Northwestern University (Kellogg)PART I              715                     $102,990                      
5      Stanford University                                             728                     $106,236                    
6      Duke University (Fuqua)                                      697                     $99,492                 
7      University of Michigan (Ross)                               704                      $90,378       
8      University of California – Berkeley (Haas)             718                      $83,360         
9      Columbia University                                             NA                      $107,824          
10     Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Sloan)      718                      $101,250              
11     University of Virginia (Darden)                            699                      $90,000               
12     Southern Methodist University (Cox)                   643                      $87,980             
13     Cornell University (Johnson)                               687                      $49,272              
14     Dartmouth College (Tuck)                                  716                      $104,700              

August 03, 2011

New Revised GRE test survey by KAPLAN

Even as the new GRE launches today, a new Kaplan Test Prep survey* of top graduate programs finds that nearly a third of top graduate schools (30%) feel inadequately informed about the new test – translating to some ambiguity about comparative score evaluation.

While the vast majority (83%) will give equal consideration to applicants regardless of whether they submit GRE scores from the old test or the new one, a remaining 12% say applicants who submit a score from the old exam (valid for five years) have an admissions advantage, while 5% say applicants who submit a score from the new GRE have an advantage.
The GRE is taken by approximately 700,000 aspiring graduate school students annually.
“Future GRE takers, graduate schools and we here at Kaplan will be keen to hear from those taking the exam this month to learn about their experiences
“Given that the new GRE is now first-time test takers’ only option, graduate programs will likely work diligently to better understand the new exam and how it can help them evaluate applicants,” said Liza Weale, executive director of pre-business and pre-graduate programs, Kaplan Test Prep. “Future GRE takers, graduate schools and we here at Kaplan will be keen to hear from those taking the exam this month to learn about their experiences.”
Among the exam’s changes, the biggest in its 60+ year history:
  • The new exam is about an hour longer than the old exam – 4 hours compared to 3 hours.
  • The new GRE’s format is adaptive at the section level: the better a test taker performs in one section, the more difficult the next section will be. This new format also now allows test takers to skip questions within a section and come back to them.
  • The new scoring scale of 130 to 170 points, in one-point increments, replaces a 200 to 800 point scoring scale, in ten-point increments.
  • The Verbal section does not include antonym and analogy questions, but instead includes in-context questions that test reasoning skills, in addition to vocabulary.
  • The new exam contains content similar to that on the GMAT – the primary admissions exam for business schools – like new strengthen/weaken reading comprehension question types.
  • In recent years, the test maker has had success in convincing more MBA programs to accept the GRE.
“While test takers will find some of the new GRE’s features to be plusses, overall Kaplan Test Prep believes the exam’s more complex question types and increase in length will make it more challenging,” added Weale. “While most test takers will find the new GRE more difficult than the old one, they can still achieve a high score if they prepare thoroughly for it. Applicants should also keep in mind that a strong GRE score is not only one of the most important admissions factors, but also an important tool in securing a strong financial aid package. “
Other survey results from Kaplan Test Prep’s 2011 survey of graduate school admissions officers:
  • Showing Students the Money: 68% of admissions officers said that compared to last year, the amount of financial aid they were able to provide students increased.
  • Not Looking for Friends: 65% of admissions officers said it’s inappropriate for applicants to reach out to them using social media mediums like Facebook.
  • What You Post Can Hurt You: 29% of admissions officers permitted to visit applicants’ social networking pages, have discovered something that made them reject the applicant.
  • Applicants Know the Importance of Being Earnest: Only 6% of admissions officers said it’s common for them to discover that an applicant has been dishonest on his or her application.
*The 2011 survey was conducted by phone in May 2011 of 123 of the top 200 graduate programs – as designated by U.S. News & World Report – in education, engineering, psychology and public administration.

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Admission Dead lines for Top 20 Business Schools

Here are the MBA Admission deadlines of Top Business Schools. 
Business Schools ranked using Business Week Full Time MBA programs.
Tops MBA programs have 3 to 4 rounds of admissions. If you don’t apply early, you probably won’t be going to a top school.
Top candidates usually apply for Top MBA schools. Best MBA applicants admissions officers can’t afford to pass on good applicants in the early rounds. As the result, there are very few open spots remaining after the January deadlines. Please be reminded that the dates might be tentative every year. But this should give you a overview of what should be the approximate time to send your admission packets.

MBA Admission Deadlines 2012

August 01, 2011

Its 1st Aug,2011. New Revised GRE Starts Today

Here is an important news for All US aspirants. The New Revised GRE general test kick starts from today. You can experience so many changes with the New GRE test pattern. 

Changes of New GRE Revised from the Old GRE test:
1. There will be no more simple Antonyms and Synonyms in the Verbal Reasoning section.
2. Quantitative Reasoning section will contain more number of Reasoning questions than before. You can find very less straight quant questions.

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