November 06, 2011

At 40,000ft from Earth: pilot announced that a big technical problem arised in flight engine

US flight travel experience
This is the travel experience shared by  Phani kumar. He has travelled from Bangalore to Boston on F-1 student visa. We appreciate his contribution.

Boarded the flight for the 1st time:
Guys this is not to scare you but to make you understand that this could be the worst that can happen to anyone.The statistics says 98% of flight travel would always be pleasant. I'm sure you all will enjoy and remember your first flight journey for a long time!

I boarded the flight at Bangalore international airport. As it was my first flight journey ever, I was nervous. The flight service was Delta Airlines. My travel itinerary was like from Bangalore to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Boston. Two another students going to the same school had boarded at Mumbai Airport. 

Pilot announcement-1: "There is a minor problem with one of the engines..."
The flight made its take off and my pulse rate doubled. I was unconsciously focusing on every little sound around. The fear of flight teaching what the word FOCUS mean. It was around 10 hours after we took off and the flight was at 40,000 feet from earth. Here comes, a SUDDEN JERK**** ooopss and my heart fell to feet with fear. Then came an announcement from pilot to wear the seat belt and informed there was a minor problem with one of the engines. Bang..That scared like and hands started trembling. I started praying all favorite gods in line. I still remember the body started shivering and felt the extreme cold even under strong woolen comforter. 

Pilot announcement-2: " We dont have a runway to land the Airbus and the flight needs immediate landing":  
Ten minutes later one more big jerk******zzzzz. This time the second announcement from pilot," The previous small engine trouble turned big and we are trying to land the flight in xyz." (and I intensified my prayers..). The next announcement was like,"As the next airport runway doesn't have enough room for the air bus, we are making our talks with Dubai Airport authorities". This is when I lost all hope of touching the land safe. I recollected the faces of my parents and unable to stop the cry coming out. 

Pilot announcement-3: We touched the land in Dubai international airport...
Now came the last announcement from pilot, "We were alloted a runway in the Dubai international airport. We will be landing in next 15 minutes". This announcement, this is the one announcement brought a slight hope. I have been counting seconds and looking down all the time with a hope that I can see the land. Exactly after 21 minutes, flight touched the ground. Aahh...Thank god, then came a big sigh of relief. 

It took 2 complete days to reach USA from India:
Later the air services people were not able to arrange an immediate flight, so boarded us in a five star hotel. We waited in our rooms for approximately 11 hours and then made us board the alternative flight. But I realized Dubai climatic conditions are worse for a human to live. I felt an extreme humid in air with a very high temperature. The transit from Dubai to Boston took another 15 hours. Finally I touched the dream American land at Boston Logan International airport. The very first flight travel experience was like a nightmare.

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