November 08, 2011

Great News: Unlimited voice, text and data connection in USA @$19/mo

Hot deals on phone in US
Friends today there came a shock wave  all across the USA. A telecom revolution started in the name of Republic wireless in USA. An android phone connection with unlimited voice, text and data at just JUST $19 A MONTH. Unbelievable..!!! In addition it holds NO CONTRACT. The basic deal is like you can grab a LG Optimus android phone for $200 plus taxes. It includes the first month rental and activation charge.

Do you know this? Republic Wireless works on Wi-Fi:
Its awesome. The hybrid network feature of Republic wireless offers the data services through Wi-Fi. Imagine yourself that your mobile will be online through Wi-Fi all the time and will be able to serve you anytime, anywhere. However, Republic Wireless giving a strong death toll to the leading telecom brands like AT&T and Verizon wireless who are enjoying a monopoly in the industry and charging high phone rentals. Paying 100's of dollars just for a monthly phone's bill is pain, though we dont have had enough options so for. In that case this would definitely be a great news to the USA student community.
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Happy Telecalling!!!
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