November 01, 2011

I have a three year BSc bachelors and got USA visa for Masters Program

This is a unique visa experience shared by Pushkar,Thanks to Pushkar. 
This was my Visa Interview on 14th June 2011 as I remember it.
Me: Hello, Good morning.
Visa Officer: Good morning. Why do you want to go to the United States?
Me: I want to pursue master's degree in computer sciences.

VO: Which University?
Me: University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

VO: Oh, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth that is nice. But how did you know    about this University?

Me: I have some friends who have just graduated from the same University in the last fall semester. So I got to know about this University, then I collected some information regarding the university, different programs offered, the structure of the courses and the current research that is been carried out there.

          VO: Oh thats great. Where else did you apply?
Me: List the name of Universities.....[cuts off]
          VO: How many Acceptance?

Me: 4
VO: Oh that is great. You have already done your master's then why did you applied for the master's again?

Me: The minimum criteria for the American Universities is to have total 16 years of education. I did BS degree and it was a 3 year course so I was not eligible. So to meet this criteria of eligibility I did my masters.

VO: What master's degree do you have?
Me: Master's in Computer Applications.

VO: What will you do after finishing your master's and tell me about your ultimate goal?
Me: I am not sure but I think I will work for couple of years to gain experience and then I will come back as we have a thriving family business in India and my father expects me to take over his responsibilities. And my ultimate goal is to start my own enterprise back here in India.

VO: Whats your family business?
Me: My father is a Practicing Company Secretary.
          VO: Who is funding you?
Me: My father is sponsoring me and I have taken an educational loan from a bank.

VO: You did bachelors and masters degree under the same University of Pune?
Me: Yes I completed both the degrees under affiliation of the same University of Pune.

VO: Ok. Your VIsa has been approved and your passport will be couriered in 3 days.
Me: Thank you officer.

VO: And yes welcome to the United States of America [cracks a smile]

Me: Thank you very much officer and have a nice day.
I came out smiling. Three female candidates before me were rejected the visa.


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