November 13, 2011

On-Campus jobs in USA universities

Student jobs in US 
On-campus jobs in USA universities are divided into 2 categories.
1. Federal work study option.(Only for USA citizens)
2. Non-work study option.( For International students ie Non-USA citizens)

So, you international students understood that you are eligible only for the Non-work study job positions. There are mainly four kinds of Non-work study job options available for international students.

A. Research Assistantship(RA)
B. Teaching Assistantship.(TA)
C. Graduate Assistantship.(GA)
D. A paid job.

NOTE: The following information provided in this website may not be applicable to all the universities and may vary from one university to another. I strongly suggest students to visit their  respective universities for detailed information. 

A. Research Assistantship(RA): The role of an RA is to work under a professor to assist with his research. You need apply for this in your own department. Usually for RA's the universities waive the entire tution but few may waive only 50% to 70% of the tution and they will be paid a montly stipend of around $1000 to $1500 depending on the professor and his research grant. An RA might be asked to do a thesis.

B. Teaching Assistantship(TA):  The role of a TA is to teach and assist the  students with the subjects, evaluate student test papers etc. Tution waiver and stipend policy may be applicable to TA's as RA's. The TA's might also be required to do thesis.

C. Graduate Assistantship(GA): The third kind of Non-work study job position is a graduate Assistantship or GA. Tuition might be waived for GA's in most of the schools but few may only waive 40% to 70%. To get a GA the students need to go and apply in each and every department in your university like Library, Mail room, Graduate office, International student centers etc. Usually the supervisors study your resume and if they like it they will call you for an interview. If you clear that you will get hired. GA's might not be required to do a thesis study.

D. A paid job: This fourth option is to work in any department in your school. For this you will not get any tution waiver but you will be paid for individual hours you work. The maximum a student can work on campus is 20 hours a week and in semester break or summer break you will be eligible to work for 40 hours  a week.

However, if you need to get a interview you need to really work on your resume. It would be always benefitial if you have had any previous related work experience. I personally work as a GA. If you have any doubts about part-time jobs, leave a comment down here. Hopefully I will help you out.

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