November 16, 2011

Visa Interview with Eight freaking backlogs

F-1 Visa interview at Hyderabad

My VI experience 
HYD, 14th November, 8:30AM
Counter: 11 ( VO is the same young guy who gave an interview for THE HINDU EDUCATION PLUS)
VI lasted for nearly 2 min

ME: Very Good morning officer(with a smiling face)
VO: umm good morning
ME: i passed the documents ( passing over the documents i asked him "How r u doing" with a smiling face)

VO: umm im doing #$@#$ when did you complete your under graduation ?
ME: 2011 sir 

VO: what is your percentage ?
ME: First class degree with 64.09 percentage sir 

VO: any backlogs? 
ME:Unfortunately i got 8 backlogs but only 1 is related to the field i have chosen sir..
(Vo was counting my passport pages thinking abt something seriously...while i was telling this)
ME : DO you want see my mark sheets sir 

VO: No not needed (Shaking his head and fore finger seriously)
VO:Your English is really was typing seriously...
ME:I love English sir...I love American 

VO:How did you learn( looking into my eyes) 
ME:I watch a lot of Hollywood movies sir
(VO gave a weird expression with most part of his tough out of his mouth)

VO: uh hum..What kind movies you watch 
ME:I love Christopher Nolan movies sir 

VO: WHat is that Qust...CHrist....what is that....
ME:Christopher Nolan sir( Loudly )

VO:Oh mm...i never heard this name before...( Seriously)
ME: he he Christopher Nolan sir he is @%%#$%#$%#$.....i told about his movies n awards he won..blah..blah….with no gap in speech

VO: k…Whatz your score in GRE ?
ME: 12 hundred 20 sir with 480 in verbal…740 in the quantitative section and 3.o in Analytical writing analysis. 

VO: Oh k k.....Whatz your father 
ME: He is a XXXX and also XXXXXX he has been working for Indian government since XX years

VO: um
ME: He is my primary sponsor sir and ^%^@#*^$@%$#^#^.........

VO: Why Houston Clear lake is your optimized choice ?
ME: DBMS is the field in which i am having keen interest, there r nearly 14 full time faculty members all of them are working in the same field, pursuing masters under their guidance will certainly enhance my technical n interpersonal skills....n also provides an opportunity to investigate the depths of information sciences....(VO was counting my passport pages while i was telling this s****) many universities did you apply ? 
ME: I applies for LaTech,SJSU,WIU,TAMUK,UMass Dartmouth...i got a reject from Latech n SJSU sir.

VO:Oh your ^^$%^$&%^.....3 days..%#$%$^$^...courier...$#^$%&^%&%^...
ME: Thank you sir...
VO: Ok..Next....

I was not asked to show any documents except those DS 160,passport..etc 
MY VISA TIP: Speak like a salesman and behave like a gentleman :p 
Hope my VI experience inspires at least a few.
Thanks to all 
n also thanks to Christopher Nolan :p

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Anonymous said...

but what??... i have 2 i have to worry??

gre2usa said...

Two backlogs does not matter. You could say like, you have had concentrated more on organising college events, if you really did. Here you are balancing you are balancing a negative aspect of backlogs with a positive aspect like being part of organising committee. Hope it helps.

Friends I suggest you to put in your user name, so that it will be easy for others to address your comment precisely.

Anonymous said...

do they ask proof that i really organised my college events??

gre2usa said...

No. VO will not ask for a proof. But he may ask you about, what you did being an organiser. If I were you, I would have explained like this: "I am a part of the finance team in the organising committee, and my role is to approach the big brands and accumilate funds for the event. "

Mr.Anonymus, type in some user name when you leave your next comment. So that it will be easy for others to address your question.

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