November 02, 2011

Visa interview : VO asked to spell the website name

The following visa interview experience was from Raj kumar at Chennai US consulate, lets appreciate his contribution.
(As I see, two student visas (one for a guy and one for a girl) and one business person visa were approved before me)

Me: Good morning, how are doing?
VO: Which university?


VO: How many universities did you apply for?
Me: 6 universities and I got admits from 4.

VO: How did you make the list of universities?
Me: I browsed few internet websites like XXX and XXX. Should I spell the website names for you?
VO: Please...!

VO: Who is sponsoring your education?
ME: My parents

VO: What is your academics and do you have any backlogs?
Me: I got the distinction and no backlogs

VO: Can I see your transcripts?
Me: Ya sure( Passing over the documents to the VO)

VO: I see that you were passed out in 2010 and what were you doing in this one year gap?
Me: I was working in an MNC,(XXX).

VO: What kind of work you do there?
Me: I provide technical support for the semiconductor equipments.

(Later the VO continued to type something for 10 minutes)

VO: Alright, your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you and you have a nice day.

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