November 04, 2011

Visa Officer : How did you develop the interest in this field?

F-1 stdent visa interview
The following F-1 visa interview was shared by Raj Ghatge. I took the visa interview at Mumbai USA consulate. My visa interview went like this..
Raj: Hello, good morning.How are you doing?
Vo : Hello good morning. May I have your passport please?
Raj: (passed over the passport)Yes, there you are.

VO : How do you pronounce your name?
Raj: Its Ruturaj Ghatge.

VO : Ok Ruturaj, which university you are going to?
Raj: I got the acceptance from the XXXXX

VO : ok, why this university?
Raj: I am going to XXXX because the current research going on in this university is my area of interest.

VO : Why USA? Why not any other country?
Raj: USA is highly developed in terms of research and technology and it also has a good infrastructure for education so USA.

VO : Which course are  you going for?
Raj: I am going for Mechanical engineering.

VO : Why mechanical engineering?
Raj: Because I have done my Bachelors in Mechanical engineering.

VO : How did you develop the interest in this field?
Raj: My dad works in the same field. Watching him doing his work since childhood, thats how I got inspired and developed my interest in this field.

VO : What are plans after MS?
Raj: After finishing the Masters, I will come back to India and work for a good MNC in the industry.

VO : I am giving you visa and Your passport will be couriered in 3 days.
Raj: Thank you so much and Im glad to hear that. Thanks again.

RutuRaj Ghatge.

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