December 30, 2011


For Testing On or After August 1, 2011
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Just like the GRE® General Test, the GRE® revised General Test measures the verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills you'll need for success in graduate and business school. 

What to expect with the New GRE revised General Test:
1. A new test-taker friendly design for the computer-based test that lets you edit or change your answers and skip questions, all within a section, and more — giving you the freedom to use more of your own test-taking strategies.

Here are the changes that give you a better test experience:
  • New preview and review capabilities within a section
  • New "mark and review" feature to tag questions, so you can skip and return later
  • New ability to change/edit answers within a section
  • New on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning section
  • New questions that better reflect the skills you'll need for graduate and business school
  • New answer formats, including tasks such as numeric entry and highlighting a sentence in a passage to answer a question
  • Less reliance on vocabulary out of context, more emphasis on reading — and no antonyms or analogies
2. New types of questions in the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections, many featuring real-life scenarios that reflect the kind of thinking you'll do in today's demanding graduate and business school programs.

3. Special savings of 50% when you take the GRE revised General Test between August 1 and September 30, 2011. The 50% discount means big savings for you — and another big advantage to taking the GRE revised General Test.

4. Important score reporting information you need to know: If you take the GRE revised General Test during our special discount period of August – September 2011, your scores will be sent by mid-November. However, if you need your scores before November, take the current test before August.

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