February 23, 2012

Immunization formalities for U.S Universities


Did you get all of your i-20's for the fall semester. Then you have to start taking your vaccinations in order to be ready with the university immunization records. Most universities will not let you register for classes until your Immunization formalities have been completed.

Certain vaccines have multiple doses(Eg: Hepatitis B). If the first dose is taken today, the second dose would have to be taken a month later and the third dose would be 6 months. That is why, you have to be ahead of time in taking the vaccines.

The following vaccines are standard for all U.S Universities. Kindly check with your university, if they have any additional requirements.

(1) MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) Vaccine:
The MMR vaccine is mandatory by US State Law. The conventional MMR vaccine has two doses. Most of us have taken the first dose at 1.5 years of age and the booster dose at 10-12 years of age. If you have not taken the booster dose you must consult your physician.

  • The new type of MMR vaccine has three doses. Now, some schools offer the option of showing a lab report of your IgG antibody titer rather  than proof of the vaccination. However, this test is very expensive (more expensive than the vaccine itself). And I know only one laboratory in Mumbai that does this test. I think it costs around Rs 1700.

(2) Meningitis:
Meningitis vaccine is again a mandatory for students planning to live on-campus. For students planning to live off-campus it's optional. Now, Meningitis is rampant in the US (even Obama’s daughter wasn’t spared!). However, the vaccine is strong. Hence it maybe painful or cause fever and headache in certain individuals. Please consult your doctor for his advice on whether you should take this vaccine or not !

This vaccine is usually not available with doctors.You can buy it from any chemist or hospital pharmacy. However, you would need a doctors prescription for this. Please note that you cannot even ENTER a hospital pharmacy without a prescription. Please check the expiry date of the vaccine before buying it.
The meningitis vaccine is a lyophilized powder that needs to be diluted with sterile water before use. The powder and water will both be there in the vaccine that you buy. However, the expiry for the water and the powder is different. The water usually has an expiry date one year after the expiry date of the powder ! So look out for that. There are several Meningitis vaccines available in the market.
The most recommended one is the Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine ( Group A, C Y & W135). However, you must consult your doctor before buying the vaccine !

(3) Hepatitis B vaccine:
Again, please check with your University as to whether this vaccine is compulsory for you or not. Like I mentioned earlier, the Hepatitis B Vaccine has 3 doses. One today, second after a month and the third is after six months of the second one.

(4) Tetanus:
This may/may not be mandatory depending on your University. In case if you require a Tetanus and Diptheria vaccine, a combination vaccine called the “Td” vaccine is available. Most of us have taken a DPT (Diptheria Tetanus and Pertussis) Vaccine when we were 5-6 years old. Though this one is not mandatory,  most doctors recommend taking a Tetanus shot before coming to US.

(5) Chicken pox:
The requirements, again, vary according to the University. If you’ve already had chickenpox few Universities accept the date of infection in place of proof of vaccination. If you have not had chicken pox and wish to take the vaccine…it is a two dose vaccine..one today and the second one after three weeks.
Suggestion: Chicken pox is such a disease that the later it comes in life the more severe and fatal it is. Please take the vaccine if you have had a chance.

(6) The Dreaded TB Test:
There are two tests: The Mantaux Test or the Patch Test AND the QuantiFERON Gold Test
Ask your university as to which test will they accept. The Mantaux test is not accepted by a few universities. In the Mantaux Test, an injection is given on the fore arm and that area is observed for 72 hours. Significant amount of swelling (around 20mm) is considered to be a positive.

The QuantiFERON gold test is a blood test.
Both the tests check if an individual has antibodies (resistance) to TB. If you are from India(TB is an endemic disease in India) and have taken the BCG vaccine (notice that circle/spot on your upper arm) most of you would give positive QuantiFERON or Mantaux Test. So, then the chest X-rays needs to be done. Few Universities do not accept tests or X-rays done for TB in India. So, please check back with your University.

Other vaccines:
(a)    Hepatitis A
(b)   Human Papilloma Virus or Cervical Cancer Vaccine (Usually for women..has two doses)

We tried to cover most of the general vaccinations needed to be done, before coming to U.S. Once again I want to remind you all that if you have an incomplete health and immunization records, if won't be able to register for courses. If you fail to register before course registration deadline, you will not be in valid status and may face a hard time.

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February 22, 2012

Take 5 New GRE Preparation tests for FREE

Take 5 New GRE practice tests online from Kaplan. This is a wonderful opportunity for the prospective students as it will allow to test your preparation in the strict GRE examination environment. Your answers will evaluated and you will also be offered a analysis on your question paper.

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February 20, 2012

"All of you have now lost your virginity in Physics": Walter Lewin, MIT Professor

Today I would like to introduce one of the best professor of the decade. Walter Lewin, a professor at MIT made a mark and hence showed a new style of teaching to the world. Read about Walter Lewin on Wikipedia. Watch this video interviewing Walter Lewin.

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February 19, 2012

Average GRE Verbal and Quant scores for Top 20 Universities

Learning GRE Quant and Verbal score requirements gives ease in evaluating your profile. It makes you understand the best universities suits your GRE Quant and Verbal scores, and the below the scores are for the Top-20 universities in U.S.

University Name Average Verbal Average Quant Minimum Quant
MIT 560 775 760
Stanford University 580 780 760
Berkeley 530 765 750
Georgia Tech 545 765 750
UIUC 530 770 750
Calif Tech 570 800 790
CMU 550 765 750
USC 480 750 710
Cornell 605 770 750
Univ of Michigan 525 765 750
UCSD 505 755 720
Univ of Texas, Austin 540 755 730
Texas A&M, College Station 510 755 730
UCLA 540 765 750
Purdue University 510 740 700
UW Madison 565 780 760
Univ of Maryland 525 755 720
Princeton University 580 785 770
UCSB 545 770 750
Northwestern University 510 765 750

The above score requirements were mentioned in Old GRE scale. To know your equivalent New GRE scores, use the below links and please don't forget to share this with your friends.

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February 17, 2012

How to select your IT Job Consultancy in USA?

The following post was shared by Kiran. He sent us an important information on choosing IT consultancy firms and how they work. Read those tips in his own words:

After 2 years of struggle now you are jumping into the stage where you can fulfill your dreams. In process of getting a job you will going to face various difficulties. I Graduated in December 2010 and so far I came across with different situations (few with me and other with my friends). I am writing this to create awareness among the International students in U.S, so that you won't be doing any mistakes as my friends did.
Things to check after joining a Consultancy:
Employer details need to update at ISSO within 90 days of graduation date (very imp). Make sure that if you are changing a consultancy get an experience letter from the employer otherwise it will become a problem when you apply for opt extension.

Technology Selection Tips:
1. Don’t blindly take your friends path
2. Choose a technology where you can put your effort effectively
3. Think twice before taking new technologies(in order to survive you need good training and job support)
4. If you are interested in taking a Tool then enquire the future demand of that tool in the market. Because if a new tool releases in market, then it will have a great impact on the existing tools
5. If you have interests in programming, don’t go with any other technologies. Programming is a hot skill in the present market.
6. Spend as much time as you can, to finalize your technology, because if you do not do that before graduation, that is going to cost you a lot(most of my friends took some technologies with lack of guidance, as a result they wasted almost 4-5 months after graduation and finally they switched to other technologies)

Consultancy Selection Tips:
This is where you are going to see a different world.
1. Check whether the company is e-verified or not
2. Enquire the details of the company at www.myvisajobs.com (if the company do not have good track record then just ignore it)
3. Check how much they give during training for expenses
4. Don’t prefer your family friends or relative companies, in that case you can lose both money and relations(there is no place for relations in this business)
5. Check with your friends or seniors before joining in any consultancy, and enquire about how strong they are in marketing.
6. Check about the following issues listed
  • Percentage basis or salary basis
  • Hike in the pay after 6 months or 1 year
  • Relocation charges (flight charges, motel stay etc…)
  • Job Support
  • Insurance or any other benefits
  • Payment method
  • H1 sponsor (Don’t expect all the above benefits in one Company, nobody can provide all)Check about who maintains pay roll
  • Training strategy(Duration, resume preparation, mock interviews, real time projects, Proxy call)
Every step you take along is going be important to have a good time in U.S. So get explored, collect as more information before you make a decision and finally believe in your skill.
Now, Please don't forget to share this with your friends.

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Flash News: Bogus IT Consultancy firm head sentenced in Georgia

The following is H1B Visa fraud story. A bogus IT Consultancy firm head sentenced. U.S District Judge James Moody sentenced Ravindar Reddy Allala to 40 months in federal prison for visa fraud and conspiracy.
Laconia Associates Inc., a information technology consulting firm and employee leasing company operated by Allala, submitted fake H1B visa applications for Indian nationals between 2006 and 2010, a statement from the U.S Attorney for the Middle district Florida said.

The H1B visa program allows U.S employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations, which cannot be filled from within the United states by a U.S. Citizen.

Allala submitted the bogus visa applicatin under a fake name and in many instances, also listed a fake workplace forthe aliens, the statement said.

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Visa interview experience for Computer Science department

The following Visa interview experience was sent by Anoop Krishna. gre2usa appreciates his contribution. Now, share your visa experieces with us at info@gre2usa.com.

Semester     : Spring 2012
Location       : Hyderabad US Consulate
Department: CIS

Me: Hello officer,how are you?
visa officer:  Great, how you are doing?

Me: very good
Visa officer: which university are you going to?
Me: Univ of ________

Visa Officer: Why this university?
Me: University of ______renouned for its wonderful faculty and the courses it offers suits my interest.

Visa officer :what is your B.Tech aggregate?
Me: 75%

Visa Officer: What is your father's annual income?
Me: 19 lakh INR

Visa officer: What does he do?
Me: Business sir

Visa Officer: Can I see your mark sheets?
Me: Sure( Passed over the documents )

Visa Officer: ( After looking at the documents for a while..) congratulations , your visa will be couriered in a week's time.
Me: Thank you.

February 15, 2012

First 10 things to do after you land in USA

Are you all set with your visa and ready to come to US? Then there is a list of important things you have do, immediately after landing in US. I prepared a top 10 recommendations list.

1. Look for housing
2. Report to the International Student Center in your university and your student advisor
3. Get your university ID and e-mail account
4. Register for courses
5.Set u

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p a local phone number
6. Set up a local bank account
7. Establish utility accounts for the new apartment( Electricity, Internet, Heating etc.)
8. Apply for on-campus job positions in all departments
9. Get hired for a campus job and apply for Social Security Number(SSN)
10. Be a tourist before classes start

If you feel I missed any important points, please add them in the below comment section.

USCIS Chinese engagement on Citizenship

Dear ESL and Citizenship Teachers, Volunteers, and Community Leaders:

Do you have students interested in U.S. citizenship who speak Chinese? Our first national Chinese engagement (Jiao liú) will provide an overview of the naturalization process and how to become a U.S. citizen.

When: Thursday, February 16, 2012 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (PST)

What: USCIS will conduct a national Chinese-language engagement (Jiao liú) session as part of our ongoing series of multilingual public engagements.

How to participate: The event will be broadcast live from our San Francisco Field Office and stakeholders may participate in person, via teleconference by calling 1-800-475-8388 (password: Jiao liú), or via live Web stream at http://www.uscis.gov/stream/Live.

The USCIS Office of Public Engagement looks forward to your participation. Please feel free to forward this information to those with interest in this important event. If you are interested in hosting a “viewing party” for your students, please contact Public.Engagement@dhs.gov and enter the word “Jiao liu” in the subject line.
For more details visit www.uscis.gov/jiaoliu.

February 12, 2012

38 New GRE Reading Comprehension practice passages

Directions: Each passage in this section is followed by questions based on its content. After reading the passage, choose the best answer to each question. Answer all questions following the passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage.

Passage 1: Although most of the fastest growing jobs in today's economy will require a college degree, many of the new jobs being created-from home health aide to desktop publisher-require knowledge other than that gained from earning a degree. For workers in those jobs, good basic skills in reading, communication, and mathematics play an important role in getting a job and developing a career.

1. From the information given above it can be validly concluded that, in today's economy,
A. skills in reading, communication, and mathematics play an important role in developing a career as a desktop publisher
B. the majority of the new jobs being created require knowledge other than that gained from earning a college degree
C. a job as a home health aide will rely more on communication skills than on basic skills in reading and mathematics
D. if a job is one of the fastest growing jobs, it will require a college degree
E. desktop publisher jobs and home health aide jobs are not among the fastest growing jobs

Passage 2: According to the National Agricultural Aviation Society (NAAS), without the use of crop protection products to control insects, weeds, and diseases, crop yields per acre will drop by more than 50 percent. The first aerial applicators of insecticide occurred in 1921, and it was a huge success. By contrast, in today's economy all aircraft that are classified as aerial applicators do more than just apply insecticide; today, they also spread seed and apply fertilizer.

2.  From the information given above it CANNOT be validly concluded that:
A. in today's economy, if an aerial applicators is used, then it will be able to spread seed and to apply fertilizer
B. according to the NAAS, if crop yields per acre never drop by more than 50 percent, then crop protection products have been used to control insects, weeds, and diseases
C. in today's economy, any aircraft that cannot be used to apply fertilizer cannot be classified as an aerial applicators
D. in 1921, if an aircraft was used for the applicators of insecticide, then it was not also used to spread seed
E. according to the NAAS, if crop yields per acre drop by more than 50 percent, then crop protection products have not been used to control insects, weeds, and diseases.

Passage 3: No national productivity measures are available for underground industries that may exist but remain unreported. On the other hand, at least some industries that are run entirely by self-employed industrialists are included in national productivity measures.

3. From the information given above, it can be validly concluded that
A. there are at least some industries run entirely by self-employed industrialists that are underground industries
B. no industries that are run entirely by self-employed industrialists operate underground
C. there are at least some industries other than those run entirely by self-employed industrialists that are underground industries
D. there are at least some industries run entirely by self-employed industrialists that are not underground industries
E. there are at least some underground industries for which national productivity measures are available

Passage 4: Lou observes that if flight 409 is canceled, then the manager could not possibly arrive in time for the meeting. But the flight was not canceled. Therefore, Lou concludes, the manager will certainly be on time. Evelyn replies that even if Lou's premises are true, his argument is fallacious. And therefore, she adds, the manager will not arrive on time after all.

4. Which of the following is the strongest thing that we can properly say about this  discussion?
A. Evelyn is mistaken in thinking Lou's argument to be fallacious, and so her own conclusion is unwarranted.
B. Evelyn is right about Lou's argument, but nevertheless her own conclusion is unwarranted.
C. Since Evelyn is right about Lou's argument, her own conclusion is well supported.
D. Since Evelyn is mistaken about Lou's argument, her own conclusion must be false.
E. Evelyn is right about Lou's argument, but nevertheless her own conclusion is false.

Passage 5: Sally has never received a violation from the Federal Aviation Administration during her 16-year flying career. Sally must be a great pilot.

5. Which of the following can be said about the reasoning above?
A. The definitions of the terms create ambiguity.
B. The argument uses circular reasoning.
C. The argument works by analogy.
D. The argument is built upon hidden assumptions.
E. This is an example of an argument that is directed against the source of the claim rather than the claim itself.

Passage 6: The Japanese economic model created strong domestic industries through subsidies from its Ministry of Trade and by closing off competitive foreign firms to its domestic market. This strategy promised to help economic growth by incubating domestic industries. New Japanese industries could count on a known local demand and would be protected from competition by tariffs and other barriers. The program could reduce the amount of imports and therefore improve the nation's balance of trade.       

6. Which of the following, based on the passage above, is a weakness in this economic strategy?
A. A protectionist policy will create animosity among other nations.
B. Fast growth of small industries will create a class of millionaires and increase the inequality of income.
C. Subsidies and import constraints keep domestic prices high and impose a burden on consumers.
D. Quotas are more regressive than tariffs.
E. The demand for the products made by the incubated industries would not be known.

Passage 7: Historically, famines have generally been followed by periods of rising wages, because when a labor force is diminished, workers are more valuable in accordance with the law of supply and demand. The Irish potato famine of the 1840s is an exception; it resulted in the death or emigration of half of Ireland's population, but there was no significant rise in the average wages in Ireland in the following decade.

7. Which one of the following, if true, would LEAST contribute to an explanation of the exception to the generalization?
A. Improved medical care reduced the mortality rate among able-bodied adults in the decade following the famine to below prefamine levels.
B. Eviction policies of the landowners in Ireland were designed to force emigration of the elderly and infirm, who could not work, and to retain a high percentage of able-bodied workers.
C. Advances in technology increased the efficiency of industry and agriculture, and so allowed maintenance of economic output with less demand for labor.
D. The birth rate increased during the decade following the famine, and this compensated for much of the loss of population that was due to the famine.
E. England, which had political control of Ireland, legislated artificially low wages to provide English-owned industry and agriculture in Ireland with cheap labor.

Passage 8: Cars are safer than planes. Fifty percent of plane accidents result in death, while only one percent of car accidents result in death.8.  Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the argument above?

A. Planes are inspected more often than cars.
B. The number of car accidents is several hundred thousand times higher than the number of plane accidents.
C. Pilots never fly under the influence of alcohol, while car drivers often do.
D. Plane accidents are usually the fault of air traffic controllers, not pilots.
E. Planes carry more passengers than cars do.

Passage 9: The body of anyone infected by virus X will, after a week, produce antibodies to fight the virus; the antibodies will increase in number for the next year or so. There is now a test that reliably investigates how many antibodies are present in a person's body. If positive, this test can be used during the first year of infection to estimate to within a month how long that person has had the virus.

9.  Which one of the following conclusions is best supported by the statements above?
A. Antibodies increase in number only until they have defeated the virus.
B. Without the test for antibodies, there is no way of establishing whether a person has virus X.
C. Antibodies are produced only for viral infections that cannot be fought by any other body defenses.
D. If a person remains infected by virus X indefinitely, there is no limit to the number of antibodies that can be present in the person's body.
E. Anyone infected by virus X will for a time fail to exhibit infection if tested by the antibody test.

Passage 10: Ever since I arrived at the college last week, I've been shocked by the poor behavior of the students. The student population is completely lacking in proper social skills.

10. Which of the following, if true, would weaken the above conclusion?
A. Students who are away from their parents often exhibit rude behavior.
B. The college numbers over 50,000 students.
C. The narrator is a student and has interacted with many students.
D. Social skills should not be expected of college students.
E. The narrator was reluctant to stay at the college.

Passage 11: Testifying before the Senate committee investigating charges that cigarette manufacturers had manipulated nicotine levels in cigarettes in order to addict consumers to their products, tobacco executives argued that cigarette smoking is not addictive. The primary reason they gave in support of this claim was that cigarette smoking was not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration.

11. For the tobacco executives' argument to be logically correct, which of the following must be assumed?
A. Substances that are not addictive are not regulated by ...........the Federal Drug Administration.
B. The tobacco executives lied when they claimed that ...........cigarette smoking was not addictive.
C. Some addictive substances are not regulated by the ...........Federal Drug Administration.
D. There is no scientific proof that cigarette smoking is ...........addictive.
E. Substances  that  are  not  regulated  by  the  Federal  Drug ...........Administration are not addictive.

Passage 12: People should be held accountable for their own behavior, and if holding people accountable for their own behavior entails capital punishment, then so be it. However, no person should be held accountable for behavior over which he or she had no control.

12. Which of the following is the most logical conclusion of the argument above?
A. People should not be held accountable for the ........... behavior of other people.
B. People have control over their own behavior.
C. People cannot control the behavior of other people.
D. Behavior that cannot be controlled should not be ........... punished.
E. People have control over behavior that is subject ...........to capital punishment.

Passage 13: There is clear evidence that the mandated use of safety seats by children under age four has resulted in fewer child fatalities over the past five years. Compared to the five-year period prior to the passage of laws requiring the use of safety seats, fatalities of children under age four have decreased by30 percent.   

13. Which one of the following, if true, most substantially strengthens the argument above?
A. The number of serious automobile accidents involving ...........children under age four has remained steady over the ...........past five years.
B. Automobile  accidents  involving  children  have decreased...........sharply over the past five years.
C. The use of air bags in automobiles has increased by ...........30 percent over the past five years.
D. Most fatal automobile accidents involving children under ...........age four occur in the driveway of their home.
E. The number of teenage drivers has increased by 30 ........... percent over the past five years.

Passage 14: Lycopene, glutathione, and glutamine are powerful antioxidants that neutralize the free radicals that are produced in the body as a result of routine bodily
processes. An excess of these free radicals in your system causes rapid aging because they accelerate the rate of cellular damage. Aging is simply the result of this damage. Thus, to slow down aging it is necessary to supplement your diet with these antioxidants on a daily basis.

14. Which of the following, if true, most seriously undermines the author's contention?
A. Most persons aren't concerned with the effects of aging ...........until it is too late to do anything.
B. Exercise associated with normal daily activities effectively ...........neutralizes and dissipates the free radicals that are ...........produced as a result of routine bodily processes.
C. The cost of antioxidants is exorbitantly high and well ...........beyond the budget of most consumers.
D. Only overweight people who do not exercise on a daily ...........basis are likely to have an excess of free radicals in their ...........systems.
E. Smoking  cigarettes is  one  of  the  main  causes  of  cellular ...........damage in humans.

Passage 15: Is it wrong for doctors to lie about their patients' illnesses? Aren't doctors just like any other people we hire to do a job for us? Surely, we would not tolerate not being told the truth about the condition of our automobile from the mechanic we hired to fix it, or the condition of our roof from the carpenter we employed to repair it. Just as these workers would be guilty of violating their good faith contracts with us if they were to do this, doctors who lie to their patients about their illnesses violate these contracts as well, and this is clearly wrong.

15. The conclusion of the argument is best expressed by which of the following?
A. Doctors who lie to their patients about their illnesses ...........violate their good faith contracts with their patients.
B. Doctors often lie to their patients about their illnesses.
C. Doctors  are  just  hired  workers  like  mechanics  and ...........carpenters.
D. It is wrong for doctors to lie about their patients' ........... illnesses.
E. Doctors, like mechanics and carpenters, enter into good ...........faith contracts with us when we hire them.

Passage 16: As any economist knows, healthy people pose less of an economic burden to society than unhealthy people. Not surprisingly, then, every dollar our state government spends on prenatal care for undocumented immigrants will save taxpayers of this state three dollars.

16. Which of the following, if true, would best explain why the statistics cited above are not surprising?
A. The  state's  taxpayers  pay  for prenatal care  of  all ...........immigrants.
B. Babies born in this state to undocumented immigrant ...........parents are entitled to infant care benefits from ........... the state.
C. State  benefits  for prenatal care  serve  to  promote ...........undocumented immigration.
D. Babies whose mothers did not receive prenatal care ........... are just as healthy as other babies.
E. Pregnant women who do not receive prenatal care are ...........more likely to experience health problems than ........... other pregnant women.

Passage 17: Beautiful beaches attract people, no doubt about it. Just look at this city's beautiful beaches, which are among the most overcrowded beaches in the state.

17. Which of the following exhibits a pattern of reasoning most similar to the one exhibited in the argument above?
A. Moose and bear usually appear at the same drinking ...........hole at the same time of day. Therefore, moose and ...........bear must grow thirsty at about the same time.
B. Children who are scolded severely tend to misbehave ...........more often than other children. Hence if a child is ...........not scolded severely that child is less likely to ........... misbehave.
C. This software program helps increase the work ........... efficiency of its users. As a result, these users ...........have more free time for other activities.
D. During warm weather my dog suffers from fleas ........... more so than during cooler weather. Therefore, ...........fleas must thrive in a warm environment.
E. Pesticides are known to cause anemia in some people ............ However, most anemic people live in regions where ...........pesticides are not commonly used.

Passage 18: Our school district should not spend its money on the new Verbal Advantage reading program. After all, our students get all the reading practice they need by studying history and science.

18. The argument above depends on which the following assumptions?
A. The Verbal Advantage program would not help the ...........students learn history and science.
B. Other reading programs are just as effective but ...........less expensive than the Verbal Advantage program.
C. The  Verbal  Advantage  program  involves  only  reading ...........practice.
D. Teaching students history and science is more ........... important than teaching them reading skills.
E. The students can already read well enough to ...........study history and science

Passage 19: A study of native born residents in Newland found that two-thirds of the children developed considerable levels of nearsightedness after starting school, while their illiterate parents and grandparents, who had no opportunity for formal schooling, showed no signs of this disability.

19. If the above statements are true, which of the following conclusions is most strongly supported by them?
A. Only people who have the opportunity for formal ........... schooling develop nearsightedness.
B. People  who  are  illiterate  do  not  suffer from ........... nearsightedness.
C. The nearsightedness in the children is caused by the ........... visual stress required by reading and other class work.
D. Only literate people are nearsighted.
E. One-third of the children are illiterate.

Passage 20: Newspaper publishers earn their profits primarily from advertising revenue, and potential advertisers are more likely to advertise in newspapers with a wide circulation, a large number of subscribers and other readers than with other newspapers. But the circulation of the newspaper that is currently the most profitable one in this city has steadily declined during the last two years, while the circulation of one of its competitors has steadily increased.

20. Any of the following, if true, would help explain the apparent discrepancy between the two statements above EXCEPT:
A. Advertisers  generally  switch  from  the  most  widely ...........circulated newspaper to another one only when the ...........other  one  becomes  the  most  widely  circulated
........... newspaper instead.
B. Advertising  rates  charged  by  the  most  profitable ...........newspaper in the city are significantly higher than ...........those charged by its competitors.
C. The most profitable newspaper in the city receives ........... revenue from its subscribers as well from advertisers.
D. The circulation of the most profitable newspaper ...........in the city is still greater than than of any of its ........... competitors.
E. The number of newspapers competing viably with the ...........most profitable newspaper in the city has increased ...........during the last two years.

Directions: Each passage in this section is followed by questions based on its content. After reading the passage, choose the best answer to each question. Answer all questions following the passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage.

Passage 21: Roger Rosenblatt's book Black Fiction,manages to alter the approach taken in many previous studies by making an attempt to apply literary rather than sociopolitical 
criteria to its subject. Rosenblatt points out that criticism of Black writing has very often served as a pretext for an expounding on Black history. The recent work of Addison Gayle's passes a judgement on the value of Black fiction by clearly political standards, rating each work according to the ideas of Black identity, which it propounds. Though fiction results from political circumstances, its author react not in ideological ways to those circumstances, and talking about novels and stories primarily as instruments of ideology circumvents much of the fictional enterprise. Affinities and connections are revealed in the works of Black fiction in Rosenblatt's literary analysis; these affinities and connections have been overlooked and ignored by solely political studies.
The writing of acceptable criticism of Black fiction, however, presumes giving satisfactory answers to a quite a few questions. The most important of all, is there a sufficient reason, apart from the racial identity of the authors, for the grouping together of Black authors? Secondly, what is the distinction of Black fiction from other modern fiction with which it is largely contemporaneous? In the work Rosenblatt demonstrates that Black fiction is a distinct body of writing, which has an identifiable, coherent literary tradition. He highlights recurring concerns and designs, which are independent of chronology in Black fiction written over the past eighty years. These concerns and designs are thematic, and they come form the central fact of the predominant white culture, where the Black characters in the novel are situated irrespective of whether they attempt to conform to that culture or they rebel against it.
Rosenblatt's work does leave certain aesthetic questions open. His thematic analysis allows considerable objectivity; he even clearly states that he does not intend to judge the merit of the various works yet his reluctance seems misplaced, especially since an attempt to appraise might have led to interesting results. For example, certain novels have an appearance of structural diffusion. Is this a defeat, or are the authors working out of, or attempting to forge, a different kind of aesthetic? Apart from this, the style of certain Black novels, like Jean Toomer's Cane, verges on expressionism or surrealism; does this technique provide a counterpoint to the prevalent theme that portrays the fate against which Black heroes are pitted, a theme usually conveyed by more naturalistic modes of expressions?
Irrespective of such omissions, what Rosenblatt talks about in his work makes for an astute and worthwhile study. His book very effectively surveys a variety of novels, highlighting certain fascinating and little-known works like James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man. Black Fiction is tightly constructed, and levelheaded and penetrating criticism is exemplified in its forthright and lucid style.

21. The author of the passage raises and objection to criticism of Black fiction like that by Addison Gayle as it:
A. Highlights only the purely literary aspects of such works
B. Misconceive the ideological content of such fiction
C. Miscalculate the notions of Black identity presented in such fiction
D. Replaces political for literary criteria in evaluating such fiction
E. Disregards the reciprocation between Black history and Black identity exhibited in such fiction.

23. The primary concern of the author in the above passage is:
A. Reviewing the validity of a work of criticism
B. Comparing various critical approaches to a subject
C. Talking of the limitations of a particular kind of criticism
D. Recapitulation of the major points in a work of criticism
E. Illustrating the theoretical background of a certain kind of criticism.

24. The author is of the opinion that Black Fiction would have been improved had Rosenblatt:
A. Undertaken a more careful evaluation of the ideological and historical aspects of Black Fiction
B. Been more objective in his approach to novels and stories by Black authors
C. Attempted a more detailed exploration of the recurring themes in Black fiction throughout its history
D. Established a basis for placing Black fiction within its own unique literary tradition
E. Calculated the relative literary merit of the novels he analyzed thematically.
25. Rosenblatt's discussion of Black Fiction is :
A. Pedantic and contentious
B. Critical but admiring
C. Ironic and deprecating
D. Argumentative but unfocused
E. Stilted and insincere.

26. According to the given passage the author would be LEAST likely to approve of which among the following?
A. Analyzing the influence of political events on the personal ideology of Black writers
B. Attempting a critical study, which applies sociopolitical criteria to the autobiographies of Black authors
C. A literary study of Black poetry that appraises the merits of poems according to the political acceptability of their themes
D. Studying the growth of a distinct Black literary tradition within the context of Black history
E. Undertaking a literary study, which attempts to isolate aesthetic qualities unique to Black fiction.

27. From the following options, which does the author not make use of while discussing Black Fiction?
A. Rhetorical questions
B. Specific examples
C. Comparison and contrast
D. Definition of terms
E. Personal opinion.
28. The author makes a reference to James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography of an Ex-colored Man most probably to:
A. Highlight the affinities between Rosenblatt's method of thematic analysis and earlier criticism
B. Elucidate regarding the point made regarding expressionistic style earlier in the passage
C. Qualify the assessment of Rosenblatt's book made in the first paragraph of the passage
D. Demonstrate the affinities among the various Black novels talked of by Rosenblatt's literary analysis
E. Present a specific example of one of the accomplishments of Rosenblatt's work.

Passage 22:There was in increase of about 10 % in the investment in the public sector, like electricity, irrigation quarrying, public services and transport; even though the emphasis leaned towards transport and away from the other sectors mentioned. A 16-17% growth in investment, including a 30% increase in investment in business premises has been recorded in trade and services. Although there continued to be a decline in the share of agriculture in total gross investment in the economy, investment grew by 9% in absolute terms, largely spurred on by a 23% expansion of investment in agriculture equipment. Housing construction had 12% more invested in it in 1964, not so much owing to increase demand, as to fears of impending new taxes and limitation of building.There was a rise of close to 11% in the total consumption in real terms during 1964 and per capita personal consumption by under 7%, as in 1963. The undesirable trend  towards  a  rapid  rise  in  consumption,  evident  in  previous years, remains unaltered. Since at current prices consumption rose by 16% and disposable income by 13%, there was evidently a fall in the rate of saving in the private sector of the economy. Once again a swift advance in the standard of living was indicated in consumption patterns. Though fruit consumption increased, expenditure on food, especially bread and staple items, declined significantly. There was a continuing increase in the outlay on furniture and household equipment, health, education and recreation. The greatest proof of altered living standards was the rapid expansion of expenditure on transport (including private cars) and personal services of all kinds, which occurred during 1964. The changing composition if purchased durable goods demonstrated the progressive affluence of large sectors of the public. On the one hand increased purchase of automobiles and television sets were registered, a point of saturation was rapidly being approached for items like the first household radio, gas cookers, and electric refrigerators.

29. It is possible to to conclude from this passage, that the people of the country were:
A. spending more money than they earn
B. investing and consuming at an accelerated pace
C. saving more money than previously
D. spending their money wisely
E. lacking in necessities

30. According to the author the trend towards a rapid rise in consumption is "undesirable" as:
A. there was an increase in the expenditure on frills and luxuries
B. the people were affluent
C. there was a rise in the standard of living
D. people were eating less
E. people were saving less

31. It is possible to conclude that the United States is not the discussed country as:
A. there was a decline in the expenditures for food
B. From the statement that the saturation point was rapidly being approached for first household radios
C. there is no mention of military expenditures
D. the people were affluent
E. the people were not saving their money

32. The area, which saw the greatest expenditure of investment funds was
A. The public sector
B. Business premises
C. Housing construction
D. Agricultural equipment
E. A field which cannot be determined

Passage 23: In an experiment conducted at a laboratory, 160 white mice were injected with Serum D. 160 other white mice were injected with a harmless sugar solution .In two 
weeks time 39% of the white mice, who were injected with Serum D contracted the highly contagious and often fatal disease, jungle fever. Hence, it can be concluded that jungle fever is caused by some elements similar to the elements in Serum D.

33. The above discussion would be weakened most severely in case it is shown that
A. People contracting jungle fever are usually the victims of the bite of the South American Lesser Hooded Viper.
B. One among the 160 white mice had already contracted jungle fever prior to the laboratory experiment.
C. The natural habitats of white mice does not contain any of 
the elements found in Serum D.
D. The scientists administered the injections being ignorant of the contents of the solutions used.
E. The 160 white mice used in the laboratory experiment were kept isolated from each other.

34. The above argument would be highly empowered in case it were shown that:
A. Some of the elements in Serum D are extracted from the root of a certain poisonous jungle wildflower.
B. Within a period of two weeks about 40% of the white mice, who were injected with a harmless sugar solution also contracted jungle fever.
C. Almost all the white mice died within a period of two days after the first symptoms appeared.
D. Normally the rate of jungle fever among white mice is less than 0.01%.
E. Invariably the blood of the victims of jungle fever victims contains a high level of a certain toxic substance also found in serum D.

Passage 24: Distribution of leaflets and delivering speeches on government property should be outlawed. Radicals and fanatics have no right to use public property when peddling their unsavory views.

35. The argument above is based on the postulate
A. The general public has a special concern in the free exchange of different political views.
B. Radicals and fanatics prefer the use of public property while propagating their viewpoint.
C. Every person who hands out leaflets and delivers speeches is a radical or fanatic.
D. Legal constraints which are applicable to one group need not be equally applicable to all.
E. Any political activity, which hinders the proper functioning of the government should not be protected by the law.

Passage 25: Successfully adjusting to one's environment leads to happiness. War at a universal level war destroys the weaker people, who are the most unable to 
adjust to their environment. Thus, war at the universal level puts weaklings out of their misery and allows more space for their predators to enjoy life in a better manner. As those actions have to be performed, which maximize the level of happiness of the greatest number, war at a universal level should take place.

36. What response would the author of the above discussion come up with, in the case of the objection that the weaklings far exceed strong people?
I. He would respond with the statement that the person making the objection is a weakling.
II. He would respond by saying that weaklings will be miserable no matter what happens.
III. He would respond with the statement that the strong would be frustrated if the weaklings are destroyed.
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II only
E. II and III only16

Passage 26: Come back with us to the real America leaving behind the turmoil of civilization. The real America is still inhabited by the eagle, the buffalo, the mountain lion and elk; it is still spacious, sprawling and majestic. Experience the freed

37. Choose the best option to complete the above statement:
A. the natural beauty of our land
B. the fascinating urban centers
C. the wild terrain of Africa
D. one's own subconscious
E. the great sprawling cities of the Southwest

38. The above paragraph is most likely to appear in which of the following?
A. A Hunter's Guide to The United States
B. Exploring the Great Outdoors
C. The Quiet Beauty of Alaska
D. How the Eagle Became Extinct
E. Returning to America

Passage 27: When I am elected, I will work towards effecting those changes for which I have been fighting all these years. We will work together to do away with 
the bureaucratic bogs which have existed ever since my opponent took office. Everyone of you knows what I stand for; I invite my opponent to ...

39. For completion of the above statement choose the best option:
A. hand in his resignation graciously
B. make his stance clear
C. stop lying to the public
D. get our city more federal aid
E. extend his support to me

Passage 28: We can never make our beliefs regarding the world certain. Even scientific theory of a most rigorous and well-confirmed nature is likely to change over a decade or even tomorrow. If we refuse to even try to understand, then it is like resigning from the human race. Undoubtedly life of an unexamined kind is worth living in other respects--as it is no mean thing to be a vegetable or an animal. It is also true that a man wishes to see this speculative domain beyond his next dinner.

40. From the above passage it is clear that the author believes that
A. men would not do well to speculate
B. progress in the scientific field is impossible
C. one should live life with the dictum 'what will be will be'
D. men should ignore their animal needs
E. men are different from animals as far as their reasoning abilities are concerned.
Passage 29: A study of a math program implemented in several pre-schools investigates that children who received the specialized Math Plus math education between the ages three and five had significantly higher math scores in 3rd and 4th grade than their classmates who did not receive this instruction. The proponents of the math argue that the introduction of this program for all children age three to five will significantly improve their chances for success in school.

41. Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the above argument?
A. Most  parents  send  their  children  to preschool for social 
development and do not have a clear idea about what type of 
education they want for their children.
B. Cognitive abilities of 3- to 5-year-old children are constantly changing.
C. The children in the pre-schools that were studied had previously been exposed to another math enrichment program.
D. Children are not really interested in enrichment programs in preschool.
E. The cost factor needs to be specified and established before a large scale program can be undertaken.

Passage 30: The symptoms of mental disorders are behavioral, cognitive, or emotional problems. Some patients with mental disorders can be effectively treated with psychotherapy, but it is now known that in some patients' mental disorders result from chemical imbalances affecting the brain. Thus, these patients can be effectively treated only with medication that will reduce or correct the imbalance.

42. The argument depends on assuming which one of the following?
A. Treatment by psychotherapy can produce no effective reduction in or correction of chemical imbalances that cause mental disorders.
B. Treatment with medication always shows faster results for patients with mental disorders than does treatment with psychotherapy
C. Most mental disorders are not the result of chemical imbalances affecting the brain.
D. Medication is always more effective in treating patients with mental disorders than is psychotherapy.
E. Treatment with psychotherapy has no effect on mental disorders other than a reduction of the symptoms.

Passage 31: Dear Editor: I feel obliged to comment on the unfair review you published last week written by Robert Duxbury. Your readers should know that Mr. Duxbury recently published his own book that covered the same topic as my book, which you asked him to review. It is regrettable that Mr. Duxbury should feel the need to belittle a competing work in the hope of elevating his own book.

43. The author of the letter above makes her point by employing which method of argument?
A. Attacking the motives of the author of the unfavorable review.
B. Attacking the book on the same topic written by the author of the review.
C. Contrasting her own book with that written by the author of the review.
D. Questioning the judgment of the author of the unfavorable review.
E. Stating that her book should not have been reviewed by the author of a competing work.

Passage 32: The government of Zunimagua has refused to schedule free elections, release political prisoners, or restore freedom of speech; therefore, no more financial aid from the United States should be provided to Zunimagua.

44. Which of the following is an assumption made in the argument above?
A. Withdrawal of U.S. aid from Zunimagua will force a change in the policies of its government.
B. The people of Zunimagua would be better off if their present despotic government were overthrown.
C. The government of Zunimagua is dependent on continued U.S. aid for its existence.
D. U.S. aid should be given only to countries willing to adopt policies in line with U.S. interests and goals.
E. U.S. aid should be withdrawn from any country that refuses to operate its government along democratic lines.

Passage 33: Many people argue that the death penalty deters murder. However, the notorious killer Ned Grandy deliberately moved to a state that imposes the death penalty just before embarking on a series of ferocious murders. Thus, it seems clear that the existence of the death penalty does not serve as a deterrent to murder.

45. The argument above may best be characterized as:
A. an appeal to emotion.
B. a flawed analogy.
C. a general conclusion based on a specific example.
D. circular reasoning.
E. an application of a general principle to a specific example.

Passage 34: Steve and JoAnne are both members of a certain club, though they are not speaking to each other and refuse to work with each other. Cecily, the club president, is appointing members to the fundraising committee, but she has resolved that she will not appoint anyone without his or her explicit consent. Steve tells Cecily, "I will not consent to appointment on that committee unless I know whether JoAnne is to be a member of it." And JoAnne says, "I will not consent to be a member of that committee unless I know whether Steve will be appointed to it."

46. If all three of these people stick by these resolutions, then:
A. Neither of them can be appointed to the committee.
B. The situation described in the scenario cannot arise, because it is inherently incoherent.
C. They must either both be appointed or both be left out.
D. The committee may finally have one of them, both of them, or neither of them as members.
E. Either one of them can be appointed, but not both.

Passage 35: Russia's aggressive fishing in the prime fishing grounds of the Northern Pacific has led to a sharp decline in the populations of many fish and a general increase in the retail price of fish. This same pattern has occurred with far too many of our scarce vital natural resources, resulting in high prices for many products. It is likely then, that fish prices will continue to rise in the near future.

47. In making the argument above, the author relies on all of the following assumptions EXCEPT:
A. The scarcity of fish is a determining factor in its price.
B. The decline in the number of fish available will result in 
higher prices for fish in stores.
C. There will not be any substantial decrease in other costs involved in the fishing process that could keep the price of fish from increasing.
D. Fish populations will not recover in the near future.
E. Fishing practices can substantially influence the demand for fish.

Passage 36: During the past year, Boz Corporation, a cigarette manufacturer, has engaged in a "corporate image" advertising campaign. One executive now urges that the advertising be extended for another year because profits have increased by 29% over the previous year. Another executive, however, is skeptical. She observes that the increases are typical for the industry over the past year, although none of their competitors have used corporate 
image advertising.

48. The most accurate way of summarizing the second executive's point would be:
A. She argues that the effect may not really be due to its supposed cause because there has not been a sufficient lapse of time between the cause and the effect.
B. She argues that the assignment of a cause for this effect is premature,because there is as yet no well-established theory of such interactions.
C. She argues that corporate image advertising is unprofitable, since it has evidently benefited competitors as much as the corporation that paid for it.
D. She knows that effective advertising requires a constant influx of new ideas and approaches, and she argues that one year of corporate image advertising is enough for awhile.
E. She argues that the effect may not be due to its alleged cause since the same effect is found elsewhere without that cause.

Passage 37: The senate candidate expressed outrage that few judges have any background in technology, yet they try to resolve cases involving high tech companies. He stated that not one federal judge has a degree or any experience in computer technology.

49. A promising response to this concern, arguing that things are not as bad as they might seem, could involve which of the following claims?
A. Most of the public policy questions in this area are really about the morality and the value of scientific and technological developments. They do not require much technical understanding beyond that of a layperson.
B. Computer scientists, by and large, have little interest in politics and public policy. It would be difficult to find scientists with the degree of commitment required for a serious contribution to the judicial system.
C. There is a lack of people who are qualified in both technical and legal areas of expertise.
D. There is very little opportunity for, and indeed little need for, technical expertise in the judicial branch. There is therefore almost no way for a technical specialist to rise through the ranks to a top-level position in government.
E. The rewards of a life as a judge, in terms of both money and prestige, are not high enough to attract top-flight technical experts to this area.

Passage 38: There has been a sharp increase in the subscription prices of many professional and scholarly journals in the past seven years. Many publishers ascribe the necessity for these increases to the easy availability of photocopying facilities, which enable people simply to copy the articles they want rather than buying the journal.

50. Which of the following, if it is true, would make this explanation more plausible?
A. The great majority of professional and scholarly journals have a massive backlog of papers awaiting publication.
B. Over the past five years there has been a substantial decline in the number of individual subscriptions to professional and scholarly journals, while library
subscriptions have remained fairly stable.
C. In the five years immediately preceding the price surge, there was a substantial decline in the number of individual subscriptions to professional and scholarly journals, while library subscriptions remained fairly stable.
D. Many libraries have recently begun cutting back on subscriptions to professional and scholarly journals.
E. In almost every field, several new professional and scholarly journals have begun publication in the past few years.

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