February 17, 2012

How to select your IT Job Consultancy in USA?

The following post was shared by Kiran. He sent us an important information on choosing IT consultancy firms and how they work. Read those tips in his own words:

After 2 years of struggle now you are jumping into the stage where you can fulfill your dreams. In process of getting a job you will going to face various difficulties. I Graduated in December 2010 and so far I came across with different situations (few with me and other with my friends). I am writing this to create awareness among the International students in U.S, so that you won't be doing any mistakes as my friends did.
Things to check after joining a Consultancy:
Employer details need to update at ISSO within 90 days of graduation date (very imp). Make sure that if you are changing a consultancy get an experience letter from the employer otherwise it will become a problem when you apply for opt extension.

Technology Selection Tips:
1. Don’t blindly take your friends path
2. Choose a technology where you can put your effort effectively
3. Think twice before taking new technologies(in order to survive you need good training and job support)
4. If you are interested in taking a Tool then enquire the future demand of that tool in the market. Because if a new tool releases in market, then it will have a great impact on the existing tools
5. If you have interests in programming, don’t go with any other technologies. Programming is a hot skill in the present market.
6. Spend as much time as you can, to finalize your technology, because if you do not do that before graduation, that is going to cost you a lot(most of my friends took some technologies with lack of guidance, as a result they wasted almost 4-5 months after graduation and finally they switched to other technologies)

Consultancy Selection Tips:
This is where you are going to see a different world.
1. Check whether the company is e-verified or not
2. Enquire the details of the company at www.myvisajobs.com (if the company do not have good track record then just ignore it)
3. Check how much they give during training for expenses
4. Don’t prefer your family friends or relative companies, in that case you can lose both money and relations(there is no place for relations in this business)
5. Check with your friends or seniors before joining in any consultancy, and enquire about how strong they are in marketing.
6. Check about the following issues listed
  • Percentage basis or salary basis
  • Hike in the pay after 6 months or 1 year
  • Relocation charges (flight charges, motel stay etc…)
  • Job Support
  • Insurance or any other benefits
  • Payment method
  • H1 sponsor (Don’t expect all the above benefits in one Company, nobody can provide all)Check about who maintains pay roll
  • Training strategy(Duration, resume preparation, mock interviews, real time projects, Proxy call)
Every step you take along is going be important to have a good time in U.S. So get explored, collect as more information before you make a decision and finally believe in your skill.
Now, Please don't forget to share this with your friends.

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