February 17, 2012

Visa interview experience for Computer Science department

The following Visa interview experience was sent by Anoop Krishna. gre2usa appreciates his contribution. Now, share your visa experieces with us at info@gre2usa.com.

Semester     : Spring 2012
Location       : Hyderabad US Consulate
Department: CIS

Me: Hello officer,how are you?
visa officer:  Great, how you are doing?

Me: very good
Visa officer: which university are you going to?
Me: Univ of ________

Visa Officer: Why this university?
Me: University of ______renouned for its wonderful faculty and the courses it offers suits my interest.

Visa officer :what is your B.Tech aggregate?
Me: 75%

Visa Officer: What is your father's annual income?
Me: 19 lakh INR

Visa officer: What does he do?
Me: Business sir

Visa Officer: Can I see your mark sheets?
Me: Sure( Passed over the documents )

Visa Officer: ( After looking at the documents for a while..) congratulations , your visa will be couriered in a week's time.
Me: Thank you.


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