March 13, 2012

Check your interested University, SEVP Certified or Not

U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE
Yesterday I published a post, "After effects of choosing a wrong school: A True Story", which explained the  importance of selecting the right University. This post grabbed the highest number of visits from audience than any other previous posts.

After reading the above post, you might have understood the adverse effects of choosing a non-certified school. Please be advised that only Schools certified by Student and Exchange Visitor Program( SEVP ) are authorized to accept international students. But now, you folks might have a question in mind. "How and where could I check my interested university is recognised by SEVP or not?". I thought my duty is not to scare you with weird incidents happened in U.S, but to show a solution to get rid of them. If you are awaiting the solution, please continue reading.

The U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement( ICE ) recently initiated a featured option in their website to verify whether a University is certified by SEVP or not. Please follow this link "Verify your interested University is SEVP certified or Not" and enter a university name in the search tab. If that matches with their SEVP database entities, it will automatically display that University name with its complete address and contact details. If you have any queries on this, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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