March 22, 2012

F-1 Visa Interview with Six Backlogs

The following visa interview shared by Nitish. GRE2USA appreciates his time in writing this to us. If you did attend F-1 Visa interview recently, please e-mail us your visa experience at

University                      : California state university, East Bay
U.S Consulate Location : Hyderabad
Student Profile               : B.Tech 55% with 6 Backlogs

The Visa interview went like this:

Me: Good morning madam.
VO: Good morning sir. May I have your application and passport?

Me: (Passed and She was busy typing in computer)

VO: Why U.S?
Me: U.S is recognized for global education and some other points

VO: Which course?
Me: ____

VO: Why this course?
Me: Because it support my area of interest

VO: Can I see your individual memos?
Me: ( Passed the memos )

She returned the memos after looking at them. After that she was talking to man behind her drinking coffee ( I thought she was discussing about profile with the person behind her who was listening to my interview right from beginning. After her discussions inside...)

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My parents got a liquid savings of XX lakhs

(..She was again talking to him...)

VO: Did you apply to any other course?
Me: What..?? ( Honestly, I did not understand, what she said )

VO: "Have you applied to any other course?"
Me: No. Just this ( Computer Science)

VO: May I know your interesting subjects for this course?
Me: ( Mentioned few subjects names of my interest which have good job opportunities back in India )

VO: Ok sir I'm issuing you visa. You will get it by post in in week
Me: Thank you madam.

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