March 18, 2012

Visa Officer: May I see your bank balance sheet?

Hello everybody. Arjun shared his visa interview with us. We are looking to post more visa interview's for fall 2012.  We appreciate sharing your visa interview experience . His visa interview went like this:

Me    : Good afternoon sir
VO   : Good afternoon, may I see your passport?

Me    : Forwarded the passport(then he asked for finger prints)
VO   : Why do you want to go to U.S?

ME   : I would like to study Masters in Electronic engineering
VO   : What did you study in your undergraduation

ME   : I studied instrumentation, that's a combination of electronics and electrical
VO   : When did you finish undergraduation?

ME   : April 2008
VO   : What did you do in this one year?

ME   : I completed a PLC course from ATI (then he continued more academic questons like what specialization, why this specializaton, how come you know about this university, why this university only, then he asked for individual memos after asking how many backlogs)
VO   : Who is sponsoring you?

ME   : Sir my parents
VO   : How can they support your education?

ME   : My father has a liquid cash savings of about __ lacks and immovable assets of ___crore rupees
VO   : May I see your balance sheet

ME   : Here I got confused thinking what is a balance sheet. Then I passed CA report.
VO   : Not this. I need bank balance sheet

ME   : Then I passed trasaction sheets of my father account(genuine), he checked it and busy with all papers
VO   : Sir your visa is approved, your passport will be couriered in a week. Enjoy the stay in U.S

ME   : Thank you sir

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