March 02, 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has launched

A big leap for Microsoft on a leap day. Microsoft launched the most awaited Windows 8 customer preview software. There are few interesting things we need to talk about Windows 8. The very first thing is the logo. Microsoft changed its windows colorful flag logo to a tile structured window colored with azure( a kind of aqua blue color )

windows 8 logo

Interesting  features of Windows 8 that have to be discussed:
The interface is optimized for touch. Although you can use a mouse there is an overwhelming urge to be able to manipulate it via touch. Unfortunately, many users computers are not equipped with touchscreens to make this possible. Because of  the changes to make for a more tablet like interface, interacting with the OS itself is radically different from even Windows 7. The Start Menu is gone and in its place is the Start Screen, a full screen menu populated with app tiles rather than the familiar selection list.

Windows 8 Screen Shot 2

You will find that often there is a completely new way to do something you've done many times before in previous Windows versions; Although at first it seems a hindrance many tasks can be achieved quickly after familiarizing yourself with the new app screen.

Windows 8 Screen shot 2

The desktop still exists; icons, shortcuts, the task bar, all still available for use beneath the new Metro interface, but you can't rely on the desktop alone as there is no Start Menu just the aforementioned App Screen.
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