September 17, 2014

International Student Application Documents Checklist

If you have decided to study in the United States and given the required tests, you might be brainstorming what are the documents required to initiate the application process. We thought about your needs and covered in this article. 

You need to send below list of documents as part of International Student admission application.

  • University Paper Application Form Completely filled paper application form with Black Pen in Clean handwriting with the Student’s signature. This is only required if the application is not filled online. Online applications are recommended these days.
  • Original College Transcripts Std.10th, 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of bachelors transcripts(Include Pass Certificate & Degree Certificate). Transcripts of all colleges the student has attended should be submitted. Transcripts should be sealed in an envelope and stamped by the college after sealing it.Take one set in sealed Envelope for WES Attestation by Official Registrar/Principal.
  • Statement Of Purpose The Statement of Purpose should clearly tell what the student wants to study and why he wants to study in the specified subject. The statement should be well-written without any spelling and grammatical errors under the number of prescribed words limit by the university.
  • Resume The resume should be meticulously prepared showcasing your strengths. This can be submitted online.
  • Recommendation Letters Three separate Recommendation letters physically signed by three college Professors on College letterhead or the employer's recommendation if the student has previously worked. Recommendation letters should be sealed in an envelope by the Professors or College or Employers and stamped by them after sealing it. Laterly universities are asking the professors to send recommendations from their college email address.
  • Paper Copy of Exam Scores The paper copies of test scores(SAT/GRE etc) can be included. The Original scores should be directly sent to each university through ETS or Test Regulation authority(Eg: ETS for GRE).
  • Paper Copy of Student Passport The first and last page of passport copies need to included.
  • Sponsorship letter The sponsorship letter should be from the same person whose documents will be produced at the time of Visa Interview. If the Parents are sponsoring, it will be mentioned on the I-20 / Admission letter about the same. So, at the time of Visa Interview, it will not be possible to mention the name of some other sponsor. The sponsorship letter should clearly mention the total amount in Indian Currency and the Foreign Currency to be borne by the sponsor. The letter should also mention the relationship between the student and the sponsor.
  • Banker’s Certificate A evidence letter of liquid funds should be on the Nationalized Bank’s/MNC Bank’s letterhead or a paper copy should be attested by the Bank with a seal, and address along with the name and designation of the person signing the Banker’s Certificate. The Banker Certificate should clearly state the availability of Funds for the entire 1st year of expenses including the tuition, Living expenses, etc.
  • Abstract of Projects Include copies of of any academic projects, achievements etc.
  • Sports or Extracurricular Activities Sports has a significant importance in the US. So, make sure to include your achievement certificate copies if you are sports athlete or has a special skill.
  • Application Fee Online application require online payment by Credit Card. Only International Credit card is accepted so check with your bank whether you can make online payment in US with your particular card. If it is a paper application, a check needs to be written in favor of college admissions department and included in the package.
  • A Separate Set of Documents is required for each University as mentioned.
  • The Name of the student should be written in the same manner on all the above documents as mentioned in the passport.
  • The Passport should be valid for minimum Six months at the time of applying for Visa.
  • The sponsor at the time of Application should be the same as the one who will show the required funds at the time of Visa because the I-20 will clearly mention the details of the sponsor and this cannot be changed at the time of Visa. Preferably, Parents should be the sponsors.


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