February 24, 2015


The wait is over. The DHS bill to extend employment to eligible H4 spouses. The USCIS director  León Rodríguez announced the new rule will be effective May 26, 2015. 

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant's H-1B holder should meet ANY ONE of the below eligibility criteria. 

1. H-1B holder should have an approved I-140.
2. H-1B holder currently on extended H-1B beyond six year limit.
3. H-1B holder currently on extended H-1B  beyond six year limit as per PERM labor application pending for at least 365 days or one calendar year.

How To Apply:

1. The applicant is required to file a form I-765(Application for Employment Authorization)
2. The marriage certificate copy has to be attached to I-765 as an evidence
3. Enclose $380 check payable to USCIS

Once you are approved, you will receive a I-766 or EAD card. You may begin working once you receive the EAD.

When To Apply:

USCIS will begin accepting applications from May 26, 2015.

In the time of limited H-1B quota, and going through USCIS H-1B lottery process, the long waited H4 for EAD rule came like an invaluable gift to alien workers and their families in U.S.

This is definitely a big day for immigrants in U.S. We are delighted to share this joyful moment with our readers.


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