F-1 Visa Interview Experiences

F-1 Student Visa interview experiences, US visa interview
experiences from India, China, Canada, Mexico, France
F-1 221G Case, Deferred Admission: My appointment was scheduled at 11 a.m at Hyderabad U.S Consulate. I was prepared with all documentation and answers to the General questions.
Reached Visa Consulate entry point:
I reached the Consulate security check point. The entire area was quiet and I was nervous. The security person at the gate checked my appointment document and let me in. When I turned into the consulate office that security person called and wished, 'Sir All the Best'.
I was glad so I thanked him and went to the next security check point where my entire document file was checked. They asked me to take out the wallet, belt and what ever I carried in my pockets. All of them were scanned through an electronic machine.

Then I moved on to the next check point where my score cards, i-20 and appointment letter were stapled together and I was allotted a Token number. Moving inside I found a token calling machine, which will show our counter number according to our token number. When your Token number and Counter number displays, you need to move to that respective counter and stand before the Visa Officer. I remember my counter number is 12 and I was in my line. I found a young male Visa officer. By his skin tone I understood he was an American. I thought he would be my GOD for the day. Here begun the real action.

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Visa interview begun:
Me: Good morning officer.
VO: Good morning.

Me: How are you doing today?
VO: Yeah, I'm good.Thank you. May I have your passport.
(handed over the passport)

VO: What school you are going to?
Me: ABC..

VO: Why this school?
Me: ABC School got reputed professors in my area of interest and a good Research platform.

VO: What is your area of interest?
Me: Wireless Communications.

VO: What are your other admits?
Me: Mentioned my admits.

VO: whats your GRE and TOEFL?
Me: **** and ** 

VO: What are your academics?
Me: **

VO: Who is your sponsor?
Me: My parents.

VO: What they do?
Me: My dad is * and mom do *.

VO: How much they earn?
Me: Dad's income per annum is * and mom's is *.

VO: Here I documented your case sir and You need to face a couple more questions. Please go to counter no ** (I didn't understand whether my visa approved or not. So inquired)

Me: Officer is my visa approved?

VO: Before we give the decision, you need to attend a couple more questions at the mentioned counter.

Me: (More questions..? Will I be rejected a visa..? or Approved as my passport was not returned to me right away? I was worried inside, but was trying to look confident) 

I thanked the officer and moved to the mentioned counter( I was really unaware of what's happening over there. The visa officer interviewed me passed my passport to a different person in a different counter.)

Got a 221g - Administrative pending: AT NEW COUNTER: This time I found an Indian guy inside. It took while for me to understand, he is not a VO anymore. He is a Clerical Assistant forwarded me a questionnaire asked me to fill and return it back.
The questionnaire asked to write the personal details, Bachelors projects and description and future interested area of study in US. I filled it and returned to the counter. The clerk received my questionnaire along with i20's, Score cards and my Resume. He stapled all those documents to my passport and had put it in his basket. Then he handed over me a yellow slip containing my case number. He explained that my case is under Administrative Pending(221g) and I will receive my passport in a month's time. He asked to check my case status by entering the given case number in the Consulate website.

Received visa after 30 days of visa interview and admission deferred:
Exactly after 30 days of Visa Interview, I received my passport back in mail. Dual emotion after opening my passport. I'm happy that I received Visa stamping but worried that it was only for two years. Usually in normal cases visa will be approved for 5 years. Later I figured that the visa validity has nothing to do with the duration of our stay in the US. You just need to make sure your visa status is valid while entering the United States, later it all depends on the validity of your I-20. 

The next big suspense revealed was that my university has deferred the admission from fall semester to Spring as I couldn't report to school by the starting day of classes.

I could not find anyone who could explain the consequences of admission being deferred by a semester. The questions on my mind were:
A) Will my approved visa be voided?
B) If not, how long will it hold good without going for stamping again?

After making multiple calls to the International Student Office at my University and talking to multiple seniors students, I got the questions answered:

A) My approved visa won't be voided, in the case the admission has been deferred.
B) As long you are going to the school within the approved visa validity with an updated i20 from University, you will be allowed to enter the United States. Please note, you must get the deferred i20 with latest dates from university before your plan of travel.

I hope this post addresses the students in similar confusion. While I entered the United States, I couldn't find much help from other forum's or consultants on this topic. After talking to international student center staff at school, I found a half answer. After landing in US, and discussing further on this with various sources identified a complete answer. 
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Alright! You can go now and have fun in US


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting your experience. I am in same situation. My case is still in administrative processing and orientation is in two weeks. :(

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting your experience. I am in same situation. My case is still in administrative processing and orientation is in two weeks. :(

GRE 2 USA said...

@Ashwin I understand it is painful when things are not under our control and no proper timeline specified. Glad this post could address your situation with some guidance. We wish you good luck. Feel free to get back to us if you need any further guidance. As always, our services are free! Make sure to follow our facebook page for updates on US Education and Immigration https://www.facebook.com/gre2usa

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